World’s First Children’s
Hand-Drawn NFT Project

BalloonersNFT (non-fungible tokens) are balloon-shaped characters dressed in hundreds of unique hand-drawn traits, including rare headgears, special costumes and eccentric accessories. It is the first ever fully hand-drawn artwork created by young artists aged 7-12. Each vibrant character has a distinct backstory awaiting to be explored.

We hope that from the BalloonersNFT art character that you own, whether it is the emotive expression, the little details in the hair style, or the choice of ornaments worn, you can feel the young artist’s adorable vibrance, and relive a portion of your childhood memories.

Our Mission & Vision

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist.” The mission of Ballooners is to inspire children worldwide! The Ballooners project provides talented young artists valuable resources to develop in art and a highly visible platform to showcase their creations. At the same time, we want to include less endowed children around the world for the opportunity to be exposed to the arts.

Owning an BalloonersNFT is empowering the dreams of the young artist in every child as you contribute to global children’s art education and young artist’s development! We envision a world where all children are empowered by art to imagine a future beyond current limitations.

10000 Unique Ballooners
21 Legendary Artworks

Ballooners are a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Owning a Ballooner allows you to vote on community-driven products and events. This makes our roadmap collaborative to be decided by collectors and project team.

The Ballooners community is ever-growing and more privileges are only available to collectors! The Ballooners Club, an extension of the Ballooners NFT project, is the core of what our Ballooners community stands for. All club members can expect airdrops of collectibles, exclusive access to art courses, conventions and exhibitions. Special giveaways are also planned for our club members.

Phase 1
Build Our Ballooners Community!

Ballooners heralds a new paradigm in the NFT world. It is the world’s first and only NFT art directed by children’s creativity.

Our story starts with 10,000 Ballooners art pieces, inspired by everyday emotions and everyday life. Every single piece of Ballooner was HAND-SKETCHED and digitised. The level of thought and originality behind each masterpiece cannot be matched by the generative art method commonly used for NFT collections.

We started building Ballooners community together with our supporters by sharing with them our vision.

We are giving away special roles within the community to our early supporters with whitelist benefits as well. Simply follow our Discord and Twitter for more updates!

Phase 2
Thank You to Our Supporters!

We are extremely grateful to all who support our artistic dreams. That means the whole world to us!

We want to show our appreciation by airdropping exclusive ballooners collectibles to collectors of Ballooners NFT.

We can’t wait for the grand opening of our official merch store! There will also be exclusive airdrops to our current collectors, including specially designed hats, hoodies and more.

Phase 3
Launch of The Ballooners Club!

Deep down we all want to change the world. We wanna inspire as many children as possible. That’s why we will launch The Ballooners Club. Collectors of Ballooners NFTs will receive the exclusive invitations to join.

Gathering children of age between 6-14, this is the platform where young talented artists can showcase their creations and access valuable resources to develop in art. At the same time, the vision is to provide a group of needy children around the world the opportunity to be exposed to the arts.

Members will be invited to attend virtual and in-person (where possible) art courses and sharing sessions by renown artists which are designed to nurture the passion for the arts and push the boundaries of creative excellence.
Exclusive tickets will be given members to attend IRL Art Education Conference to discuss, connect and engage with art from a fresh perspectives.

Not only that, we will collaborate with educational institutions to organise international contests exclusive to our members. Virtual art exhibitions to showcase the talent will then follow. Certificate and awards will also be presented which enhance one’s appeal to top-tier colleges in the future.

What’s more exciting? We will organise Art Auctions and Charity Sales for our members, too! 50% of the proceeds goes to fund future activities of The Ballooners Club while the rest goes to Charities to help less-fortunate children.

Phase 4
Towards the Future…

Our mission goes on and we are excited to see us Ballooners achieving greater height! Construction of the Ballooners Tribe in the Metaverse starts!

A virtual gallery will be setup for people to view all Ballooners’ Art.

A Ballooners theme park will also be built. YES! GAME IS ON!

Collectors will begin to receive their very own mysterious pet for the amount of Ballooners NFT hold. The unique creature will surely keep their Ballooners accompanied.

What pet will you get? A puppy? A kitten? Or a little cute monster? Let you imagination run free! Our journey are just about to start…

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Join The Community
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What are Ballooners?

Ballooners are a collection of 10,000 NFTs. It is the world’s first and only NFT art collectible project hand drawn by children of 7 - 12 years old.

What is our mission?

Ballooners heralds a new paradigm in the NFT world. Our mission is to inspire children worldwide! We envision a world where all children are empowered by art to imagine a future beyond current limitations.

What is our commitment?

Our commitment to the community goes beyond the NFT world. The Ballooners NFT is not just about owning a PFP character or avatar, it is automatically a membership pass to the upcoming Ballooners Club.

The Ballooners’ Club is a community formed for the development of children’s art. It provides a global platform for young artists to showcase their talent and access world class development opportunities. At the same time, we will also provide a select group of needy children around the world the opportunity to be exposed to the arts.

What is so special about the Ballooners?

Ballooners heralds a new paradigm in the NFT world. The project is directed by the children themselves and represents a big challenge that the kids will overcome through their expressions of originality. Ballooners is therefore an NFT art project of great collectors’ value.

How do I purchase Ballooners NFT?
In order to purchase a Ballooners NFT, you will need to conduct two important steps.

First, you will need to purchase ETH from a crypto-currency exchange such as Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance.

Once you have completed that step, you will need to transfer your ETH into a non-custodial digital wallet like MetaMask, Portis or WalletConnect compatible wallets. These wallets connect to the Ballooners website and allow you to purchase an NFT.

What blockchain are these NFTs minted on?

NFTs are minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. This is the "gold standard" and most widely-supported format for digital collectibles.

Can I resell my Ballooners?

Yes. Ballooners can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Where can I interact with other Ballooners NFT collectors?

We’re always hanging out on our Ballooners Discord.

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